Support Options

For Sales Support on REVOLECTRIX Brand Products within the United States:
or phone: (301) 798-2770

For Sales or Technical Support outside of the United States:

To request information about a REVOLECTRIX product you are considering purchasing:
or phone: (301) 798-2770

Support is also available for any of the following areas:
For technical support on a REVOLECTRIX product you already own
To request Refunds or Exchanges of merchandise
To request warranty or non-warranty repair work

To request support via email:
or phone: (301) 829-5533

To initiate a case directly on line for any of the above:
1. Log on to your account at
2. Click the "My Account" tab
3. Under Support, click "Contact Support"
4. On the case form, enter a subject which contains the product name, part number, or description
5. Type a message in the message field
6. The fields on the top right of the form are optional
7. Click Submit

A customer representative will contact you via email.