Our Team

John Grzan

"All throughout the concept, development and production of our battery systems, we try to remain at the forefront of innovative technology."

Tim Marks

"At FMA Direct, we take pride in the smallest design details. From conceptualization through prototyping, and beta testing, we do our best to stay ahead of our competitors, to think outside the box, and to pay close attention to detail to ensure product manufacturability, reliability, and longevity."

Jamie Marks

" Comments we hear from long-standing customers serve to reinforce the fact that our commitment to sound engineering principles pays off. We strive to always maintain our reputation for delivering a high quality product and supplying unsurpassed support directly to our customers from our engineers and technicians; something that is rare in this day and age."

Howard Matos

"Our in-house staff of engineers is constantly at work developing new products, and improving existing designs for the R/C industry, as well as commercial and military clientele."

Welcome and Thank You for visiting the new Revolectrix website.

The Revolectrix Partnership was formed in 2005 in response to the changing global markets in the R/C hobby. The concept brought design, manufacture, sales and support of R/C products under one roof leveraging off world leading capabilities from Asia and the U.S. The Revolectrix brand was formed through a partnership between Leo Industries from Singapore and FMA Direct from the US. Leo Industries brought years of experience in battery technology. FMA Direct was an established name in the U.S. hobby market with 20 years of experience in design and development of R/C products. Since the inception of the Revolectrix Partnership, FMA Direct has continued to focus primarily on design of high-quality battery chargers and charging accessories for the R/C industry while Leo provides manufacturing services to the partnership from a factory in Batam, Indonesia. Leo also provides expertise in advanced lithium battery technologies through relationships with all major LiPo battery manufacturers worldwide. The Revolectrix partnership maintains and operates two retail web stores, from Singapore and the US. Both locations also own and operate sales, support and repair facilities for handling warranty and service work on Revolectrix products. From product idea, to design, to manufacture, Revolectrix owns the entire process culminating in local sales and support that have built the brand since 2005. That’s REVO.

Leo Industries • Ph (+65) 9834 8994 • vincent@revolectrix.com

FMA Direct • 3520 Sugarloaf Parkway, Suite F-03-121 • Urbana, Maryland 21704 • sales@revolectrix.com